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Multilayered Wood Steampunk Styled Clock

Multilayered Wood Steampunk Styled Clock

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This magnificent round wall clock is crafted from birch wood and imbued with the spirit of steampunk. Measuring a 11.8 inches (30cm) diameter, its warm, natural finish is the perfect backdrop for its intricate details. The clock features a total of five wooden layers, each one contributing to its unique look and feel.

The first layer is the back plate supporting the other four layers. The second layer is the outer ring, with intricately carved with gears and cogs, inspired by the clockwork mechanisms of yesteryear. The third layer is a sturdy wooden frame that encases the clock's inner workings, with a steam-powered design cut from the wood.

The forth layer is an inner ring of miniature gears and cogs, adding an extra touch of steampunk flair. The final, outermost most layer is the clock's mechanism, powered by a precise quartz movement to ensure accurate timekeeping. This layer is the clock's main face, with a classic analog display, featuring large, easy-to-read numerals and intricate hour and minute hands.

This beautifully crafted wooden wall clock is not just a functional timepiece but a true work of art. Its steampunk style, combined with its warm wood finish, makes it a timeless addition to any home or office, adding a touch of industrial charm to any decor.

The quartz movement is both RoHS and CE certified. Metal hands with continuous non-stop / non-ticking movement of the second hand. Powered by a AA battery (not included).

Colors may very from the image.

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