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Original XTool D1/M1 Rotary Cup Leveling Tool V5 with Metal Adjustment

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This is the original leveling accessory designed for the XTool D1/M1 laser rotary. This is used to level out tumblers and glasses and other tapered cups, like Yeti and RTIC. It could possibly work with other desktop rotary units but has not been tested.

V5 now uses a 1/4” screw and 1/4 inch nuts in the roller bar for greater stability. The holes in the rack and roller bar have been reduced and ridges added to the roller to reduce wiggle. Rubber bands have been placed on the bearing to aide in grip.

Package includes:
1 - Rack
1 - Roller Bar
1 - Focus Lever
1 - 2“ Rubber Band
1 - 1/4 x 4 Bolt
1 - 1” PLA pin

Instructions for different uses can be found here:

***** Please note that due to the large number of orders for this, the ship dates on these could be as great as 10 business days. We ship as soon as they are printed (a 6 - 8 everyday). Please bare with us as we get caught up. Thanks *****

Note; Due to all the various shapes of glasses and mugs, it may not work in every situation.

3D printing is a method of manufacturing that layers molten plastic filament to build up to the model. Our printers are finely tuned and well maintained but you may and will see layer lines on some models due to the very nature of manufacturing.

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