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Xtool D1 Pro Z-axis extender/Focus Tool v10

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*** This is for the Pro Model ***

Adjustable z-axis extension for the Xtool D1 laser (Pro model). This extension allows you to keep the two leg supports on your D1 while switching between the rotary and normal cutting/engraving modes.

The top screw adjusts the height and assists with fine tuning focus adjustments.

This updated model allows for clearance of theGeeks at Large camera and shorter enclosures, without the need to change the screw out.

A replacement fan grill (for both the 10W and 20W), a 1/8” hex bit adapter, two zip ties and a cable clip are included.

*Note: The cable clip may not work on all units due to varying cable lengths. If this is the case use the enclosed zip ties for cable management.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

1. Remove the laser module from the D1 gantry.
2. Make sure the side screw on the extension is retracted (It may not even be needed but is included to ensure a snug fit)
3. Loosen the top screw (It is shipped all the way in for packaging purposes) to the bottom of the nut.
4. Slide the laser module onto the extension. This could be a tight fit but that is what we want. Slide it all the way down to the bottom of the extension.
5. Remove the Xtool fan cover and use the provide fan cover instead. The cable hook on the Xtool fan cover will prevent the laser head from sliding down into the extension tool.
6. Slide the extension onto the gantry and set the Xtool lock screw. Only tighten enough to prevent the unit from sliding down. Please do not over tighten.

From there you can adjust the height by turning the bolt on top of the extension. Due to tolerances in printing and machines the unit may need to be gently pressed down.

3D printing is a method of manufacturing that layers molten plant based plastic filament to build up to the model. Our printers are finely tuned and well maintained but you may see layer lines on some models due to the very nature of manufacturing.

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